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Water Management

Water supply:

  • boring wells and springwater intake
  • pumping stations, filtration plants, disinfection plants
  • mains systems and house connections
  • storage in water reservoirs, boosting of pressure
  • stocktaking and redevelopment of old plants

Example for water supply:

Water supply village Kornau

Waste water disposal:

  • pipelines and sewerages for waste water and rainwater
  • storm overflow basins and rain retention basins with controlling systems
  • pumping stations
  • treatment and infiltration of rainwater
  • stocktaking and redevelopment of pipe networks
  • central drainage plan

Examples for waste water disposal:

Purification plant Wagneritz 350 EW
Sewage system of the valley Trettach

Water engineering:

  • flood protection measures
  • river retoration in consideration of ecological issues
  • retention basins, river-weirs
  • two-dimensional flood modelling

Example for water engineering:

Flood protection Görisried Development of the project