Jäger Ingenieurplanung
Lorettostr. 8,
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel: +49 8322-2233
Fax: +49 8322-4098

Jäger Ingenieurplanung

Partner Jägerip

The company of engineers "Jaeger - Ingenieurplanung - consulting engineers for construction and environment" is a competent partner in the field of infrastructureplanning. It assists mainly communities, corporations and companies for the solution of tasks and problems in the area of hydraulic engineering, traffic solutions and town planning.

The engineers an employees, among them the founder of the office, with more than 30 years of experience, are a good team. For consulting, planning and building supervision we use the most modern equipment for communication and data processing in the two office locations in Oberstdorf and Memmingen.

We can also deal with complex construction projects in close cooperations with offices of surveyor, landscape architect and structural engineering. The separte fields of activity are detailed represented on the following pages. Yet the rule to take care of environment is part off all projecting works.

Examples of projects, carried out in the past, are shown here on these pages, arranged under the point "referenzobjekte". Our principle is to serve our partners with developing economic and sustainable solutions, esthetical design of the objects and the care of environment.

We are happy if you let realise a project or solve a problem for you. Please understand that we do not have translated all project-sites in english. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hans Anton Jäger and Cornelius Jäger